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About Our House

At this point, we really only have some general ideas of what the house will look like and what the floorplan will be. We have a pretty good drawing tool called SmartDraw that we have used to create a map of our property as well as a floorplan. We are not both in agreement about the floorplan but I think it has given us a good starting point for detailed discussions about what we think are important features. Here are the important features as we see them:

  • Somewhere around 2200 square feet
  • Built from natural logs that have not been milled or manufacturered in any way. We are hoping to be able to get a good supply of Douglas Fir at a reasonable price.
  • Post and pillar foundation method
  • Butt and Pass method for corners of the house
  • Large porch on the front and probably on at least one side
  • Large master bedroom on the first floor
  • Master bath with large tub and probably a separate shower
  • Access to the front porch from the master bedroom
  • Smaller kids bedroom on the first floor
  • Large and open kitchen
  • Large great room on the first floor open to the roof
  • Two stories with a loft on the second story
  • Stone fireplace
  • Lots of glass on the front so we can enjoy the view of Whitehorse Mountain
  • One guest bedroom in the loft
  • Open living area in the loft
  • Metal roof

Given the above, we are thinking of a 40' by 40' house. That would give us 1600 square feet on the first floor and 600 square feet on the second floor.

The next thing we did was to draw the land and show where all the various items would be on the parcel. It is a five acre plot that faces west. We can see Whitehorse mountain very nicely to the southwest. We positioned the house so that it directly faces the mountain and takes full advantage of the view. Here is the layout of the land. You can see where the house will be, our driveway, the horse coral, and where the trees will be left undisturbed.

Next we created a drawing of a floorplan. As we stated before, we are not both in agreement on it, but it is a starting point. It will at least give you some idea of what we are thinking.

We currently live about 50 miles from the property so carrying stuff back and forth can become a bit of a chore. For this reason and also to get an idea of what it will be like to build the log house, we are going to be starting on a 12' by 16' storage shed very shortly. We'll use the basic building techniques that we'll use for the main house but on a smaller scale. The logs we'll use will come mostly from our land. There is alot of downed trees that need to be cleared out anyway and there is probably enough to make the shed. It will only be one story but there will be a bit of a loft in the rafters. It will be over by the well and electrical service and will probably serve as a pump house too. We can store tools and fourwheelers in it. Since it is 12' by 16', that will be 192 square feet and we can do that without a building permit. In our county (Skagit), you can build structures of less than 200 square feet without a permit. There will probably be several < 200 square feet structures on the property before we are done :)

Here you can find the detailed steps we will follow to build the shed. We are pretty much assured that we will learn bunches on this little shed. It will probably take several months since we only get to work on it weekends and not every one of them at that. Also, it is pretty cold and wet weather this time of year in Northwest Washington.

We're beginning to get a plan together for the house. It is really high level at this point and will get more detailed as we learn more. Here you can look at the house step plan.


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