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Welcome to OurLogHouse.com - a journal of the planning and building of our log house in Darrington, Washington. This site was started in December of 2001 and is intended to grow over time as the house progresses. We expect that it will take us several years before the house is complete.

Our building approach is to build this log house from scratch - from raw logs rather than from a kit. We are hoping to be able to get a good supply of Douglas Fir at a reasonable price. This approach is not that common so we would hope to provide information to those not familiar with this technique. You will find information about this type of construction so that you will become knowledgeable enough to decide whether it might be of interest to you.

The types of things you will find on this site range from specifics about our house and the building techniques we will be using. We have been using the web as a research tool and in our links to other sites section we have listed some of those we found most useful. In some cases, we found some books that provided good information and these are listed in the library. We first thought that there weren't very many discussion groups about log house building but have since found several that are pretty good. If you are interested, here are a few of the discussion groups we found to be relatively active. We tend to keep track of things we need to do by making lots of lists for ourselves. It helps us remember things and keeps us focused on important things. You can check our lists out if you are interested.

We do hope you find this site to be helpful in understanding the process we are using and maybe even something you are interested in doing yourself.

Our inspiration and confidence that we can do this largely came from information gleaned from discussions with members of the Log House Builder's Association Of America. This is a must see site if you are considering building a log house from scratch as opposed to a kit. Skip Ellsworth is the founder of the Log House Builder's Association. He has in the past taught seminars on building log homes (no kits). He now lives in Asia and only teaches the seminars when he returns to the states which is pretty infrequently. If you are interested, you will find an application on their website. We have both attended his seminar and got gobs of great information and lots of assurance that we can do this project. If you want a taste of what he teaches, here are our notes.


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